About Wagon

We never hesitate in covering an extra mile for our customers.

Wagon Cab is an Indian Startup Organization based in Gurugram. It was founded in the year 2017 with a motive to offer competitive fares to its customers and first class opportunity to earn, for drivers. It is a platform of Indian CAB industry where a Rider pays less and the Driver earns more bringing stability in the Industry.

The Company has focused on all the modes of public transport using the influence of internet to make it easy for Indian & Foreign customers who end up paying high prices due to communication gap. The company has the vision to make public transport and tourism industry a hassle-free process so that people should enjoy long routes with peace.

Wagon Cab is an idea on implementation by two extraordinary minds who are the pillars of the organization, Mr. Arpan Aggarwal and Mr. Uttam Bose! As mentioned prior, Established in 2017 it has shown an incredible growth and targeted the market leaders with its outstanding marketing strategies.

Team Wagon Cab is continuously striving toward success by making the process transparent and customer friendly. Building the foundation on customer trust, their predictive business strategy is fruitful and promising in years to come.

A platform of Indian CAB Industry where a Rider pays less and the Driver earns more with the stability in the Industry.

With his accomplished Leadership skills from his College Life to Corporate World, Arpan is keeping the ball of Management and Marketing rolling at Wagon Cab. Arpan is a pool of knowledge and his hard work and dedication are reflected on the growth chat of Wagon Cab.

For his outstanding performance and meticulous hard work, he was awarded by FPCIL Delhi in an event for Delhi Stock Market.Accounting, Reporting, Reconciliation, Financial Preparation, Operations, Team Handling and Team Engagements are few of the many skills he possesses.

He completed his graduation from Delhi University followed by MBA from IIPM Delhi. Arpan holds an experience of 6 years in Business Modelling, Crowd Funding and Financial Statement - Preparation and Analysis with Max Life Insurance and Ameriprise India Private Limited.

Being the CEO of the organization, Arpan leads departmental managers to ensure that team's technological and management developments align with the company's goals. Apart from VC funding, he wants his company to go for an IPO and be listed on the stock market for trade. With the intention to make Wagon Cab a Game Changer in the history of Cab Services considering the aspect of both drivers and riders, Arpan is rigorously working with his team to revolutionize the strategic management concerned with business entities with his innovative ideas.

Innovative Mind with an Ambition to be the BEST are the characteristics that can sum up his personality.

Born and brought up in New Delhi Arpan loves Driving and gaining knowledge about current market trends. He is very famous for his pleasing personality and humorous nature.

Uttam Bose Co-founder and CMO 

Uttam is one of the elite members of Wagon Cabs Team. With his intuitive quality and strong decision-making power, he is aiming to build an incredible marketing strategy so as to expand the reachability of Wagon Cab and hit the list of Top Cab Aggregators in Asia.

Born and brought up in Gwalior, Uttam holds a passion for reading and exploring success stories of entrepreneurs as he believes that there is much to learn from those who have taken the same path to achieve their Goals.

After Graduating from RGTU and Post Graduating (MBA) from IIPM Delhi in the year 2011 and 2012 respectively he worked with reputed organizations like JK Tyres, BMW, Harley Davidson and British Standard Institute.

After working in the same domain for multiple years he realized his skill set to be implemented in a better form. Undoubted Technical Skills, Ample knowledge of Marketing and Sales and Exceptional Team Handling and Engagements. Quality is what defines his personality and power he possesses. Considering his parents to be his source of Inspiration, he is rigorously working to build a team which can eradicate the glitches that cab services face these days.

According to his goal-oriented strategy, he is aiming to turn Wagon Cab – More Earning for Drivers idea into an implementation. He also aims to present the Wagon Cabs as the solution for the problems that riders face.

He is an optimistic and dedicated soul who believes in himself. His commendable persona has much to learn from.

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